Soham Village College

Mathematics - Year 8



In Key Stage 3, students study one unit each half term. Units are taught within a context related to everyday life.
These take place towards the end of each half term. Marks are recorded onGo4Schools 


Maths in History (Number)
Students calculate with negative numbers, work with index notation and standard form.
Maths in History
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Science (Algebra)
Students explore sequences and determine both term to term and position to term rules. They solve equations, develop skills of algebraic manipulation and use scientific formulae.
Maths in Science
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)


Maths in Sport (Data Handling)
Students carry out a short statistical enquiry following the data cycle: planning, collecting data, representing and interpreting. They compare different methods of representing data and use average and range to make comparisons
Maths in Sport
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Cooking (Proportional Reasoning)
Students use proportional reasoning to solve problems. They apply concepts of ratio in various contexts.
Maths in Cooking
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)


Maths in Packaging (Geometry and Measure)
Students explore 3-D shapes, visualising and constructing 2-D representations. They investigate geometric properties of polygons and calculate volumes and surface areas.
Maths in Packaging
Classroom based assessment (1 hour)


Maths in Travel (Real Life Graphs)
Students use graphs for practical purposes such as recording conversions and representing distance and time for a journey on a travel graph. They present their findings to an audience.
End of Year Examination
Formal Assessment in exam halls (1 hour)