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GCSE Art & Design - Legacy

GCSE Art & Design

Class of 2017 Only

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Exam Board Qualification Specification
EdExcel Exam Board - GCSE Art & Design (Unendorsed 2AD01) GCSE Art & Design Unendorsed 2AD01

What is GCSE Art & Design all about?

It’s about having an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and design and developing the skills to express it. You will develop an understanding of past and contemporary art and design and be able to produce a personal response embracing a range of ideas. The skills you will develop doing GCSE Art will be varied. Among them, you will develop a working knowledge of the materials, practices and technology of art and design. You will develop the skills to investigate, analyse and experiment using art, craft and design. You will develop your imaginative powers and the skills to express your ideas, feelings and meanings. You will also develop an understanding of the language and conventions of art and design and an understanding of the place of art, craft and design in history and in society.

Key Subject Aims

This specification aims to develop:

  • Creative and imaginative ability and the practical skills for engaging with and for communicating and expressing original ideas, feelings and meanings in art, craft and design
  • Investigate, analytical, experimental and interpretative capabilities, aesthetic understanding and critical and enquiring minds, with increasing independence
  • Cultural knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design and of the media and technologies used in different times, contexts and societies
  • Personal attributes including self-confidence, resilience, perseverance, self-discipline and commitment.

After GCSE Art & Design you may decide to go onto one of the many sixth form centres offering a variety of advanced courses in Art and Design. Career opportunities are many and varied including advertising, photography, marketing, graphic design, interior design, fashion design, industrial design, computer graphics, photo journalism, set designer, illustrator, textiles, printing, sculpture, film maker, commercial work, teaching, costumier and painter.


At the end of the course, you will be marked on the following TWO units: ASSESSMENT will carry the following weighting of marks: Personal Portfolio = 60% Ten hour test = 40%

  1. Unit 1. Personal Portfolio in Art & Design – This unit will be supported by the work journal, which contains evidence of the development of your ideas, including references to the work of other artists, showing understanding of meanings, contexts, and the ability to make skilled judgements using an appropriate visual/verbal form.

  2. Unit 2. Externally Set Assignment – 10 Hour Test.  You will be given a period of time to enable you to prepare your ideas in support of your exam piece, in your work journal.

Other Information

Prior to starting the course in September you will be given extensive research to undertake during the summer vacation.  This will form the basis of all work produced in the first year of the course. The second summer break will be spent researching work for the final year.

Art and Design is a costly and time consuming subject and it would be hoped that you would make every effort to supply basic items and time for both class and homework - If there are difficulties in this respect please contact the Head of Art and Design.

There will be visits to local and national art galleries to view ground breaking art and design from between the 13th and 21st Century first hand in both Year 10 and 11 as well as workshop activities from established artists and designers to learn techniques not usually available in school.