Soham Village College

French - Year 9

Students follow the Expo 3 course book. Grammar work is integrated into the study of each topic area
These take place at the end of each unit. Marks are recorded on Go For Schools


Ça t’intéresse?
Give detailed descriptions and opinions of films you have seen
Describe your routine in the past tense
Describe reading habits and future leisure plans
Review and analyse an authentic French film
Reading & Writing
Describe and justify short and long term plans
Discuss the importance of learning a language
Listening, speaking, & writing
Spring  Il était une fois
Compare your younger and current self (appearance and interests)Solve a “Whodunit” mystery in French (analyse evidence & alibis)

Speaking & reading

En bonne santé?
Describe illnesses and injuries
Assess healthy and unhealthy lifestyles
Give health advice
Listening & writing
Summer  Introduction to GCSE French
French culture module